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Are You a Dental Lab Technician? Consider a Career with MicroDental

If you’re an experienced dental lab technician who understands the complexities of modern dental restoration and can consistently deliver high quality dental restorations to exact specifications with superior client service, consider working with us.

Have a look through our job postings below, whether you’re a dental lab technician or other professional at the top of your field.

We have dental laboratory technicians working for us in our dental labs in the United States and Canada. To submit your resume, please e-mail a PDF or Word document to our Career Center.


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Corporate Administration

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Customer Service

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Human Resources

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Information Technology

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Dental Technician - Ceramist

Primary Responsibilities

Thorough understanding of morphology and functional design in both anterior and posterior restorations is essential for full arch/full mouth cases. Start-to-finish proficiency in all aspects of Ceramics: build-up, grind-in, contour, full anatomy, contacts and metal/porcelain margins.


5 years' experience as a ceramist; must be proficient in the use of dSign, InLine and eMax Ceram porcelains. Must have a clear understanding of form and function.

To submit your resume, please e-mail a PDF or Word document to Stacey Baker.



no opportunities currently available

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities with MicroDental. If you are submitting a resume for a specific job opportunity, please send it to our Career Center. Otherwise, to build a profile please fill out the form below, and we will contact you shortly. Please note that this is not an official application.