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A Network of Dental Labs with a Passion for Helping Dentists Delight Patients

More than ever dental practices need partners that can help them delight patients, enhance practice excellence and maintain patient health and safety. While patients' disposable incomes are declining, their expectations for service and scheduling are increasing. Insurance reimbursement rates are softening, while regulations and competition are strengthening.

And as more dental labs outsource and offshore, the risk to patient health and safety is unclear. Though renown for crafting exquisite restorations, what makes the MicroDental labs different is a unique commitment to helping dental practices thrive. There are three dimensions to the MicroDental Difference:

Exceptional Service

With more Certified Dental Technicians, across the MicroDental family of labs, than any other lab, MicroDental's industry-leading, full-service catalog and timely service gives dentists more options for meeting the diverse needs of their patients.

Predictable Quality

As one of a few Certified Dental Laboratories, MicroDental Dublin's collaborative yet systemized approach ensures that restorations seat fast and take up less chair time, and is a model for the function of our other labs.

Partnership and Trust

Making all products using FDA cleared materials, MicroDental offers peace of mind that cannot be matched. These are just a few examples of why MicroDental is different.