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MicroDental DiamondCrown Biocompatible Indirect Poly-Crystalline Nano Ceram


  • Anterior and Posterior Full Composite Crowns, Inlays/Onlays. 
  • Bridges up to 5 units without reinforcement. 
  • DiamondCrown can be bonded to pre-stressed quartz reinforced fiber, Alloy of choice or Captek
  • Long span reinforced bridges are fabricated routinely by MicroDental, Chicago dental lab.

Lifelike translucent restorations with unsurpassed strength

DiamondCrown is the only Poly-Crystalline Nano Ceram material in use that has the strength to support a 5-unit bridge without alloy reinforcement. The biocompatibility of DiamondCrown is extremely high and is non-cytotoxic. The wear ratio of DiamondCrown is the same as natural teeth and gold.

DiamondCrown is Versatile and Beautiful

Since 1997, MicroDental, Chicago, an accepted IAOMT dental lab, has been a leader in the fabrication of holistic dental restorations. We accept materials reactivity reports and will work closely with you to meet the needs of your patients. The DiamondCrown material is based on a Novel PEX Poly-Crystalline Matrix reinforced with a Bio-Medical Grade Nano-Ceram Filler. This Formulae represents an unrivalled 15 years Clinically Proven Functional-Aesthetic-Biocompatible solution for clients seeking Optimum Peak-Performance of Restorative, Prosthodontic and Implant Dentistry.

DiamondCrown combines microcrystalline PEX resin matrix and high purity organically bridged glass-ceramic nanofillers to provide a superior level of shock absorption, wear resistance, fracture toughness and diametral tensile strength. With the same wear rate as natural enamel, DiamondCrown is kind to natural teeth and highly biocompatible, with a strong, durable high gloss finish.

Recommended Cementation

For optimal functionality and longevity use PolyCrystalline products  DiamondBond Adhesive and DiamondLink Cement.

ADA Code

Among possible codes may be  D2650, D2651, D2652, D2662.

Prep Guide

Shoulder or Chamfer,  .5 - 1 mm deep; rounded corners and line angles

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