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Technical Q&A

Please contact our Technical Services Team, for technical questions regarding our products.

Must I use different shade guides for different products?

Not necessarily; however, we routinely use the most popular shade guides (Vita, Chromascop, Illuminé, Bioform etc) and can convert and modify the shade you provide to perfectly match the desired restoration.

Other than the impression and completed prescription, what else should I send with my case?

For a successful case, we recommend you send the following:

  • A Full-Arch Impression
  • Bite Registration
  • Photos
  • Pre-Op Models
  • Smile Selection
  • Length of Centrals from Cervical Tissue
  • Stump Shade (for all-ceramic restorations)
  • Articulator Type
  • Facebow or Stick Bite

What types of articulators do you use?

We use a variety of articulators available to suit every case requirement:

  • Acculiner
  • Hanau
  • Keystone
  • Panadent
  • Artex
  • Dentatus
  • Sam 3
  • Stratos
  • Denar
  • Kavo
  • Whipmix

How do I block out a dark prep?

There are a number of ways to successfully block out a dark preparation, we routinely recommend utilizing a composite material on the prepared tooth before bonding (you can bond on top of the composite) or you can also utilize opaque cement.