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Three Tiers of Restorations for Greater Flexibility

MicroDental Laboratories believes in providing you with flexible options. With three tiers to choose from, we can deliver the perfect solution for the cost requirements of most patients.

MACSTUDIO Dental Lab Restorations

Our MACSTUDIO restoration line was developed for patients requiring the highest level of function and aesthetics. Through this product line, we consider all aspects of the patient's smile, not just teeth, to achieve exceptional results.

MicroDental Classic Dental Lab Restorations

Our MicroDental Classic restoration line is designed for patients who require dental restoration of function and aesthetics but are sensitive to price. While never compromising quality, we can offer better pricing by adjusting technique, articulating system and material selection.

MicroDental Essentials Dental Lab Restorations

The MicroDental Essentials restoration line is perfect for patients who need an economical solution to restore function and can only afford to take care of basic needs. Again, quality is assured, but we offer lower pricing by selecting alternative articulating systems, restoration types and materials.

With our suite of dental restorations, we can build customized solutions for each patient, all with impeccable fit, aesthetics and value. To learn more about our three tiers of dental restorations available to any practice in the U.S. and Canada, and around the world, please contact us or get started today.