Predictable Quality /
Technical Mastery

A Variety of Dental Techniques to Achieve Outstanding Results

At MicroDental, having a variety of techniques applied to our cases allows for an optimal restoration, based on technology, skill, and doctor preferences which is essential for any dental lab. Each and every component is a reinforcement that Smiles Matter, especially with the MicroDental Difference.

The ways in which we fabricate our products can range from Layering, Pressing, Milling, Injecting, and Printing.

Digital Technology

Lastly, dentistry is moving toward more digital experiences. Overtime, the advances that have been made in the industry are for more precision, accuracy, and up-to-date methods that are innovative. Technologies such as CAD-CAM for dental restorations are just one of the ways MicroDental is taking the time to advance our dental lab's services, for a optimal smile restoration.